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Picnic Spots & Parks in Lucknow

1 Kukrail Picnic Spot - a most liked picnic spot of Lucknow.  Situated in Kukrail Forest, this place is best for holidays and weekends

2.Dream Valley Resort  - Away from the noise  and pollution of the city, this is also one of the most preferred picnic spot of the city.

3. Dilkusha Garden - A historical place and historical garden.  Really beautiful greenery, this garden is pleasing place to visit.

4.Swarn Jayanti Smriti Vihar Park  - a simple but popular park of Indira Nagar, Lucknow

5.Lohia Park  Gomti Nagar, Lucknow - Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Park in Lucknow is a boon for all those who like gardens. See below a live visit to Lohia Park -Lucknow most preferred new garden.

7. Lucknow Zoo - This is not only a zoo or museum -it is a natural garden in central place of Lucknow city.

8. Lucknow Residency - a place of historical importance and Garden  in Lucknow

9. Arbind Park  Indira Nagar 

10. Buddha Park 

11. Hathi Park  -a small park near Buddha Park

12.  [i]   Smriti Upvan Park , Ashiyana, Lucknow  - Remains closed 

13.  Jyotiba Phule Zonal Park, Lucknow, UP, India

15. Globe Park- a neglected park - This globe used to rotate and had been a great attraction to visitors. 

16.  Botanic-Garden-Lucknow, Ashok Marg, Lucknow 

17Shaheed Smarak, Lucknow - Entry : Free, Car Stand : Rs. 10/- .  You can also enjoy boating at Rs. 40/- only (Full boat).

18.   New Laxman Park, Nishat Ganj Bridge, Lucknow. Entry fee : nominal

19.    Musa Bag     

20.    Joggers Park, Hardoi Road 

21.     The River Retreat - (Nadiya Kinare Restaurant]- A unit of UP State Tourism Development Corporation Ltd. Near Laxman Mela Ground, Lucknow. A really beautiful place on the bank of River Gomti for a picnic or family party. You can also enjoy boating in River Gomti.  Contact : Phone: Mr. Rakesh Pandey, Manager : 9454615057

24. Gomti Vihar -2, Near Gomti River

25. Gomti Vihar 1 :  upcoming - The Park is not ready for Visitors.

26. Zonal Park - Ashiyana, Lucknow 

Lucknow Parks

27. Vilayati Bagh, Cantt. Lucknow - Constructed in 1827

28. Janeshwar Mishra park in Gomti Nagar, Lucknow. It is presently being developed over an areas of 350 acres in Gomti Nagar extension in Lucknow.
29. Kalandi Van Park - This park is in Vrindavan Scheme of UP Housing Board, Rai Bareli Road, Lucknow-
It  is developed along the Sharda Canal,. The park envisages a  five-foot deep lake with facility for boating through  pedal boats available for boating enthusiasts.
Some old gardens of Lucknow :

a. Musa Bag at Hardoi Road, Lucknow
b. Almas Bag at Hardoi Road Lucknow
c. Vilayati Bagh, Cantt. Lucknow - Constructed in 1827
d. Pasand Bagh in Gadhi Peer Khan locality, Lucknow
e. Kaiser Bagh, Lucknow
f. Sikandar Bagh - Botanical Garden, Lucknow

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